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02 July, 2020

Why Study the Identity of Living Beings? An Example with Living and Fossil Amphibians.

Abstract: The role of species identification in biodiversity and conservation studies. The role of fossils in the establishment of knowledge on the life history of living organisms. We deal with topics such as evolution, systematics, assessment of endangered species, food web, molecular clock.

The webinar was presented to the Youtube Channel: Paleontologia para Todos!


21 August, 2019

Workshop discusses regulation of frog production in Brazil

Abstract: Researchers and representatives of the public authorities met on July 26, at Unicamp, for the workshop “Regulation of Brazilian frog farms and the conservation of native frogs”. The event's proposal was to discuss the regulation of the practice and the conservation of amphibians. Professor at Unesp, at the Coastal Campus, Ivan Nunes presented the project that investigates innovations in aquaculture production methods included in the European Union's Horizon 2020 program.


06 August, 2013

What is integrative taxonomy?

Abstract: Responsable for the short course "The Integrative Taxonomy and the Classification of Neotropical Anurans". "Integrative Taxonomy", "Total Evidence" or a "well done taxonomy" are works that show the merit of all types of data for taxonomic studies of biodiversity. One data can be usefull where another type of data proves inefficient to diagnose the entities. In addition, a broad and multidisciplinary database should be used to bring confidense for the study.

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